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    Occasionally a clog occurs deep into a pipe, or resists other methods of clearing. In these cases, having your drain snaked would be an effective solution. When traditional drain unclogging methods like plunging and chemical treatments don’t work, a drain snake can make all the difference.

    Drain Clear has over 25 years of experience snaking drains and pipes for our loyal customers. We are proud to serve Southern Ontario for all their plumbing needs, and our 24/7 availability means one of our dedicated team members is always just a phone call away. If you’ve tried everything to unclog a drain but it just won’t clear, call Drain Clear to have an expert local plumber snake your drain.


    What Is A Plumbing Snake?

    Many people will have heard of snaking a drain, but few know what it actually involves. A drain snake is also referred to as a drain auger, which is a long rod with a coiled length of flexible metal at the end. This coiled “snake” can be wound around bends and used to clear hard to reach clogs. By turning the handle at the top of the rod, the flexible coil is rotated and used to chop up the blockage. The snake is then removed and the clog is either tangled up in it so that it is extracted, or the clog has been broken up enough to be flushed down after several minutes of water flow.


    Can I Snake A Drain Myself?

    Drain snaking is something that can be done by a reasonably confident home handyman. Drain snakes can be bought from local hardware stores for less than $50 and are easy to assemble. Learning how to use a drain snake can be difficult and time consuming, as manipulating the flexible coil around a pipe bend requires some expertise. This can also be a physically demanding task and will often involve having to handle unpleasant clogs once they are extracted. If you don’t have the time, equipment or skills to attempt drain snaking, it may be time to call in Southern Ontario’s most trusted plumber.


    You Can Count
    On Us

    Drain Clear has a fleet of experienced plumbers who have been snaking drains for local Ontario residents for over two decades. We specialize in all forms of plumbing repair and maintenance, including drain snaking, plumbing emergencies and unclogging drains. Our plumbers are all fully licensed and insured, and we guarantee our work for a year so our loyal customers can have peace of mind. The dedicated Drain Clear team are available 24/7 so we are ready to help whenever you need us. If your clogged drain has resisted your DIY fixes and you need a drain snaking, call Drain Clear to have an expert plumber on your doorstep today.