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    Toilet & Sink Repair Replacement & Installation

    Toilets and sinks are the most used feature of your home’s plumbing system. When either one of them isn’t working properly, it can cause frustration and stress. Drain Clear has been solving toilet and sink issues in Southern Ontario for over 25 years. Our professional and courteous plumbers are experts in all toilet and sink problems including repair, replacement and installation. If your toilet or sink is experiencing any of the following problems, it might be time to call in a trusted local plumber.


    Common Toilet & Sink Problems

    Toilets and sinks have several key areas where problems tend to arise. These can range from inconvenient to complete loss of functionality. Here are some of the most common toilet and sink issues that we can assist with.


    Clogged Toilet or sink

    A clogged toilet or sink is one of the most frustrating plumbing issues you can experience. Clogs are usually due to a buildup of waste, or can be from a foreign object being flushed that gets caught. Many clogs can be easily solved with a simple plunger or household chemicals. For more information, look at some of our other DIY solutions for clearing clogged drains.


    Leaking or Running Toilet

    Almost everyone will likely have encountered a toilet that makes more noise than it should. Leaking or constantly running toilets can be an expensive and wasteful drain on your water bill. They are usually caused by a faulty flush valve that doesn’t create a watertight seal. This means water is able to spill out and fill the toilet bowl constantly, leading to the leaking noises. This can be fixed by replacing the flush valve, but may require a more thorough investigation to find the source of more persistent leaks.


    Loose toilet or sink

    Toilets and sinks can become loose over time as the sealant binding them in place begins to degrade. A simple application of caulking can usually solve the issue as it recreates an effective seal. However, if the toilet or sink has become damaged as it has loosened, it may be time to look at installing a new fixture.


    Invasive tree roots

    Tree roots can often lead to issues with sewer systems when left unchecked. Tree roots tend to become more of an issue once a pipe has already cracked and they are drawn to the increase in nitrogen. However, they can also cause cracked pipes themselves by causing the earth to shift around your plumbing and creating a build up of pressure.


    New Toilet and Sink Installation

    If your toilet or sink is no longer functioning properly, or you are looking to update your bathroom, you’ll need expert installation. A new toilet or sink can be more water and energy efficient, save you money, and bring new style to any bathroom. Installing a new fixture can be a daunting and complicated process, but should be possible for an experienced handyman. If you don’t have the time or expertise to install it yourself, a quick call to our dedicated team will have a Drain Clear plumber there to help you in the blink of an eye.


    You Can Count
    On Us

    Drain Clear has been providing effective toilet and sink repairs, replacements and installations for over two decades. We are passionate about customer satisfaction and our loyal customers have trusted us with all of their plumbing needs. Our local plumbers are experts in repairing broken toilets and sinks, unclogging drains and installing new fixtures. Drain Clear only staffs licensed and insured plumbers so our customers can have peace of mind when it comes to their plumbing. Our 24/7 availability means an expert is always at your fingertips and our “Shoes Off, Floor Covered” policy means that your home will stay clean and dry. Whether you need a toilet repaired or a new sink installed, you can count on Drain Clear for the best service in Southern Ontario.