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  • Clogged Drains
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  • Drain Camera Inspection

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    Hamilton Plumber

    Drain Clear has been expertly serving the Hamilton area for over 25 years. Our team of local plumbers offer only the highest quality service and expertise to our loyal customers. We pride ourselves on being professional, courteous and efficient no matter the plumbing situation. For over two decades, we have been the most trusted plumbing service in Hamilton and make customer satisfaction our top priority. When our customers are in need of a Hamilton plumber, they know a quick call to Drain Clear is all they need to do to have an expert on the way. We specialize in burst pipes, clogged drains, and backed up sewer lines. Our complete range of plumbing services includes comprehensive winterization, general maintenance and preventative care. If you need the best plumber in Hamilton, Drain Clear should be your only call.

    Always There For You

    We know that dealing with burst pipes, flooded basements and clogged drains can be stressful and financially draining. That’s why we making it our top priority to be there for you when you need us, whenever that might be. A professional and experienced Hamilton plumber is a simple phone call away, day or night. There is no need to worry about more mess in your home, as our “Shoes Off, Floor Covered” policy safeguards your floors. We treat your home as if it were our own, so you can breathe easy knowing your plumbing is in safe hands.


    Emergency Plumbing Service

    Plumbing emergencies usually strike when you least expect it. Water leaking from burst pipes or no hot water during the winter can have severe consequences if not dealt with immediately. For those scenarios where waiting until normal business hours is not an option, Drain Clear is there for the residents of Hamilton. We are proud to offer true 24/7 availability and are dedicated to responding to all calls for assistance, no matter the time of day or night. A quick call to our friendly team will have an expert plumber heading your way in a matter of minutes.

    Our local Hamilton plumber will assess the situation quickly and thoroughly to identify the cause of the issue before applying a durable solution immediately. Once the plumbing emergency has been resolved, we will discuss any questions or concerns you might have. We will work with you to develop a future plumbing maintenance plan to keep your drains and pipes running smoothly. Whether its a burst pipe in the middle of the night or a clogged drain during the day, we are committed to providing exceptional service on a schedule that suits you.

    The proper plumbing maintenance and preventative care can lower the chances of a plumbing emergency arising. Well cleaned pipes and regularly cleared drains are the best defence against flooding and overflows. Drain Clear is proud to offer the most comprehensive range of plumbing maintenance services in Hamilton. Our team is highly experienced in identifying damaged pipes, overworked sump pumps and outdated mixing valves and replacing them before they become an issue. Your holiday home needs protection during the winter months when it is not in use. Without proper planning, water could freeze in the pipes and burst or water heaters could cause major flooding. Our complete winterization packages ensure your holiday home will be ready for you to enjoy come summer with no nasty surprises.


    Commercial Plumbing Hamilton

    Your business plumbing faces a heightened level of wear and tear every day. If proper care isn’t taken, a pipe can burst or a drain can clog in the blink of an eye. This can cause significant downtime to your business, leading to decreased productivity and potentially harming your client reputation. Drain Clear understands that any plumbing issue that impacts your bottom line needs urgent attention and expertise. That’s why our team is available 24/7 to send out a fully licensed and insured Hamilton plumber to your property whenever the need arises. Our professional plumbers specialize in all aspects of commercial plumbing, from clogged utility room drains to kitchen fixture replacement. Whatever your business plumbing needs, Drain Clear has the right tools and people for the job.

    Plumbing For Restaurants

    Restaurants have some of the hardest working plumbing in the industry. Grease, oil and food scraps in the kitchen sink can easily cause a clogged drain in no time. Add a backed up toilet in the customer bathroom and your business profitability and reputation could suffer. These situations require a quick and effective solution straight away to limit their impact on your business. Drain Clear has been the leading supplier of Hamilton plumbers who specialize in restaurant commercial plumbing for 25 years.

    We ensure that our Hamilton plumber is available 24/7 to solve any plumbing issue you might have, any time of day or night. We make it a priority to find the source of the problem and fixing it properly the first time. We will also take the time to discuss your recurring plumbing maintenance needs and set up a regular inspection. This competitively priced service ensures your business is protected for years to come.


    Plumbing For High Rise Condominiums

    High rise condominiums can be home to hundreds, if not thousands, of tenants who all rely on the proper function of their plumbing system. When a sewer line backs up or a water heater breaks, the property manager is the first to hear about it. Drain Clear shares your priority of getting the problem fixed as soon as possible at a price that works for you. A fully insured, bonded, and licensed Hamilton plumber is always on call for your property, and we guarantee our work for a full year. You can be confident that your property is receiving the highest quality work by the most trusted plumbing service in Hamilton.


    Plumbing for Office Buildings

    Drain Clear is proud to offer the leading office plumbing service in Hamilton. Office managers rely on their plumbing issues being solved quickly to keep their buildings on track. If office workers don’t have access to a properly functioning bathroom, their productivity and happiness can start to decrease. Our expert plumbers specialize in repairing fixtures, replacing pipes and unclogging drains in offices and utility rooms. We focus on solving the problem right the first time and with a solution that stands the test of time. With 24/7 assistance available anywhere in Hamilton, you can rest assured that your office building is always being looked after.